I own several pieces of his work.

All of them extremely well done!

All packaged very carefully.

All arrived in mint condition, ready to be framed.

I love his work, it has an honesty to it. Some are quite romantic too!

John Hogan

I couldn't love my Brenden Sanborn any more than I already do!! It's so beautiful down to the tiniest little mark. The packaging was great my prints arrived in pristine condition, and I really loved the autographed  thnx card the stamped bag and everything. I was really blown away with everything that came in the package and I actually kept it all, I stuck it right behind the photos in the frame!! Thanks so much!! JW


James Whitehall

I currently own eight of your prints. I purchased three, and my boyfriend (now my fiancee) purchased five as a gift for me. In every instance, the packages were packaged so as to protect the prints without being excessively bulky (thus adding to shipping charges). They arrived in a reasonable amount of time. You communicated pertinent updates to me during the process. I very much so look forward to owning more of your work in the future.

Adam Huffman

I have 2 originals from you; one I bought for myself and another that was bought for me as a birthday gift. I received both in good time and in perfect condition, the cards and print media that came with were a nice surprise... Thank you so much for your passion and support for projects like love is love ❤️...

Love love love your work!

Greg Abbott