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I offer reproductions of my original artwork produced on archival quality acid-free matte fine art paper using pigment-based inks, providing a print life exceeding 200 years if framed under glass or acrylic.

Prints are classified 2 ways, by the ‘edition’ and by size. Gallery, Studio, and Portfolio refer to the size. Prints are all open edition.

  • Portfolio Prints are on 8″ x 10″ paper, images reduced proportionally. 
  • Studio Prints are on 16″ x 20″” paper and the images are reduced proportionally. This is the most popular size prints.
  • Gallery Prints are the premier reproductions of the originals. Because the originals vary in size so do the Gallery Prints. However because most originals are about 22″ x 30″ most Gallery Prints are on 24″ x 36″ paper with a 1.5 inch white border. 

Size based on total surface area.